What is RightNow Media?
RightNow Media is like the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” and has a HUGE library of faith-based videos that you can access whenever and wherever you want—on your phone, iPad, computer, or at home on your TV.
How much does RightNow Media cost?
Absolutely nothing!! It’s 100% for you to use!
Why should I join RightNow Media?
You can use the resources on RightNow Media for personal growth, couple studies, small groups, family devotional time and there are even resources just for kids! There are so many ways for you to use RightNow Media in your journey with the Lord!
How do I make a RightNow Media account?
You can click the picture above or click here and fill out the form with your email. In a few days you’ll receive an email inviting you to RightNow Media. That’s it! You’re in and can now explore the thousands of videos available!
Can I invite my friends to join RightNow Media even though they don’t go to our church?
Yes, you can! There is no limit to the number of people who can join RightNow Media through our church. This is a great outreach tool or a way to minister to friends and family! To invite others go to the main page of RightNow Media and click the “send invites” button on the top right-hand side of the page.
Is RightNow Media only videos? 
With the RightNow Media app, you can listen to audio versions of videos while you drive, clean, work etc. Simply tap the video you want to watch and in the top right corner there is a little toggle you can use to switch between video and audio. Additionally, with many of the studies, there are free downloads and links to study books.