Small Groups
Small groups are the main way we connect with one another; the core of our discipleship. Through small groups we live out Christ’s call to live in spiritual community by befriending, encouraging, and building up one another. We have Small Groups in member homes or the church building on various days and times.  The size of the group is typically between 6 and 16. Small Groups meet during the school year and take the summer off. Each group is autonomous and sets its own schedule and topics. We are always looking for a reason to start a new group, so you could be that reason. Let us know what would work for you. To join a group,  click below!
Dan and Maria O’Neill
O’Neill Home
Sundays, 12:15PM
Leon and Anna Engman & Craig and Vicki Embree
Engman Home
Sundays, 6:30PM
Wes Towle
Church Fireside Room
Sundays, 6:00PM
Men’s Bible Study
Church Fireside Room
Mondays, 6:30PM
Men’s Bible Study
Bruce Johnson’s Home (34 Fairfield Drive, Woodstock)
Tuesdays, 8:00AM

The book of James will be studied. All are welcome to this informal discussion-based examination of what the brother of Jesus had to say about actually living out what Christians believe in. Coffee and baked goods provided. Just show up.

Mom to Mom (Jenny Gillett and Tina Gallant)
Church Fireside Room
Every other Friday, 10:00 am
Bob and Ruth Brownell
Fireside Room
Wednesdays, 7:00PM
Studying Angels by David Jeremiah
Women’s Bible Study
Church Cafe/Fireside Room
          Wednesdays, 6:00 PM (Church Cafe)  AND Thursdays, 10:00 AM (Fireside Room)
Finding God Faithful by Kelly Minter
Paul and Karen Ryll
Fireside Room
1st and 3rd Thursdays, 7:00PM
Mark and Natalie Parker
Strand/Johnson Homes
Every other Friday, 7:00PM
Jeff Berridge and Dan Breault
Location TBD
Thursdays 7:00PM

Life Application Questions