Jesus told us to Be Disciples and to Make Disciples, of all nations.

One of the most important values of Evangelical Covenant Church Woodstock is to Serve Our World. We believe that God gives everyone of us a unique world to serve. Our World begins in our own house and for some spreads to other nations. The unique world that everyone of us has consists of 8 to 15 people that God has put ‘in our orbit’ whether we like it or not. Those people are the mission field to which we are sent.  We name those people, pray for them, and seek opportunities to let God love them through us, whether at home, work, school, or where ever.

We believe that each person receives a gift or gifts from the Holy Spirit when they begin their new life in Christ. Part of our task is to make sure that each person in the congregation has opportunity to exercise their gift or gifts in service. We are sure that God sends the right people with the right gifts to do the work for which He has called us. There are many opportunities to serve here and we are excited to see what you and your gifting bring to the mix that God is assembling.
Serving Opportunities: